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Superidag Retractable dog leash | 100 kg | rolling tape

Superidag Retractable dog leash | 100 kg | rolling tape

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A common problem with dogs during walks is the restriction on their freedom of movement. Your four-legged friend wants to walk around and not be limited to the 2 meters of the leash.

The Joa extendable dog leash has proven to have many more advantages than other alternative brands. For example, it is indestructible ! It has been tested many times with dogs weighing more than 100 kg. 






Why choose the Joa extendable leash for dogs?

  • Dog trainer recommended leash for large and small dogs
  • Your four-legged friend has room to unleash their inner natural explorer while still maintaining control
  • Prevents permanent neck pain, cough, nausea and suffocation as a result of pulling
  • Also designed for strong dogs
  • 100% made of high quality components: high quality solid plastic and nylon strap with chrome hitch
  • Available in 5 timeless colors
  • With the innovative bag dispenser, you will always have bags at hand
  • Fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the comfortable handle made of soft materials

Available in 4 new colors

With the Joa extendable leash for dogs, your four-legged friend has up to 8 meters of freedom of movement and you have control of him at the touch of a button. The leash is suitable for any type of dog: small and large up to 100 kg and is ideal for walking on open ground. Thanks to the solid and soft handle, the Joa strap fits comfortably in your hand, even in unexpected situations.

The advantages of the Joa extendable strap

Prevents the leash from twisting or getting stuck, for smooth extension and retrieval thanks to the optimized leash exit mouth
✓  Stops the extension of the leash and locks it by pressing a button , making your dog follow you with the leash immediate braking system
✓  Your dog will be delighted because he can sniff up to 8 meters while you continue walking
No more unpleasant bags tied to the leash
A clean neighborhood because you can pick up excrement

The Saint Bernard can't break it

The Joa extendable dog lead is a stable webbing belt with a robust strap. Thanks to the practical winding system , even this long leash does not get stuck and you will not have problems when walking. By pressing a button the leash stops and you have your friend controlled without problems.
With the innovative bag dispenser you won't have to put up with unpleasant bags tied to your leash.

Joa is an extendable and very robust leash with

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