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Superidag Reflective dog shoes

Superidag Reflective dog shoes

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Protect your dog's paws from winter road salt and damage!

Filled with super soft fleece on the inside, they are comfortable for the claws. Provides more comfort, keeps paws warm in cold weather and prevents snow and salt build-up. This prevents the paws from drying out and cracking.


Non-slip rubber particle sole

It provides stability and adhesion to tiles and sand. Protects the paws from objects that can damage the dog's paws, e.g. jagged rocks, broken glass, burrs, ice, snow, salt and more.


So warm and soft inside!

Paws quickly become very cold when placed on a snow surface. The shoes protect the dog's paws from the cold and maximize comfort during the journey. Keep your dog's paws safe and comfortable all day.


Reflective with adjustable laces

The dog shoes are extended with adjustable straps and have reflective strips. This ensures a tight fit and safety during night walking. The adjustable laces make it easy to put on, take off and not fall off.


Size chart (cm)

 Size Foot length Foot width
1 3.5 2.5
2 4 3
3 4.5 3.5
4 5 4
5 5.5 4.5
6 6 5
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