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Superidag Perfector - Pet appease wrap clothes

Superidag Perfector - Pet appease wrap clothes

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Perfector - Pet appease wrap clothes


Already used by MILLIONS of dogs, the dog anxiety
vest Perfektor - Pet Soothing wrap is the original, vet-recommended, natural calming solution that can reduce anxiety in dogs in a drug-free way. Just like swaddling an infant, our dog anxiety vest's patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear and tension issues in dogs.
Perfektor - Pet appease wrap clothes are recommended for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel and vet visits. Treat anxiety, fear and tension in style! You'll love Perfektor - Pet Soothing wrap clothes' calming effect on your dog.

  • Already used by millions of dogs
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • No training required
  • Money back guarantee

What is the difference between the different types of Perfector - Pet Soothing Wrap Clothes?


Although we have several different styles and colors of Perfektor - Pet soothe wrap clothes, they can all have the same calming effect on your dog! Each style of Perfektor - Pet Appease Wraps is lightweight, machine washable and breathable, and they all help your dog feel calmer during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits and more! They are all equally effective, so you can't go wrong with your choice!   



How do I choose the right size Perfector - Pet soothe wrap clothes?


In general, if your dog is right on the edge of the weight range indicated in our size chart, we would recommend that you size down. However, if you look at one of our polo styles, they tend to run smaller, so we'd recommend sizing up if you're interested in the Perfektor Polo Style - Pet Soothe Wrap Clothing.

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