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Superidag Perfector DOG JACKET

Superidag Perfector DOG JACKET

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Note: The weight is for reference only, please choose size based on your dog's actual Neck Bust Back

When you measure your dog, you must always have a margin of approx. 2 cm, so that the jacket is never too tight around the neck, chest or back.
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The simplest and easiest way to keep your dog dry and warm during walks


With this DOG JACKET, your dog stays almost completely dry. You no longer have to push and pull the door because you first have to dry your dog with a towel or a hair dryer. No more dirty, wet, long hairs on the kitchen cabinets, coffee table or sofa. Dog owners with large dogs could use a little help!
Suitable for all dogs
When you measure your dog, always leave a margin of approx. 2 cm so that the jacket is never too tight around the neck, chest or back.

✔️ Your faithful four-legged friend will not lose more heat on cold and rainy days.
✔️ Waterproof and ensures that your dog cannot cool down due to a wet coat.
✔️ Perfect support of muscles and joints, because the blanket hides most of the back, hips and chest.
✔️ No more interrupted walks by your faithful companion.
✔️ With reflective harness and soft warm lining.
✔️ A must have for older dogs and dogs with a little undercoat.
Product details
- With collar and closed stomach
- Trendy, rustic design in a stylish style
- Optimum freedom of movement and individually adjustable fit
- Opening for attaching a cord for collars and harnesses
- Elastic, variable loops for the hind legs
- Washable at 30°
Suitable for all dogs
Fits all large dogs, whether it's a Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky or dog, we have different sizes for different dogs! You can buy the color that best suits your dog, or buy several so that your dog can shine on the street even when it's raining!

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