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Superidag Soothing Dog Bed & Sofa Cover

Superidag Soothing Dog Bed & Sofa Cover

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Are you tired of pet hair, mess and spills on your sofa? Created with anti-anxiety principles, The Calming Dog Bed & Sofa Protector protects your sofa, bed or car while providing a comfortable resting place for your pet.

It can be used as a very comfortable pet bed and also as a protective pet bed for your furniture from the mess. #1 Rated Furniture Dog Bed 2024


Good sleep is essential for a healthy cat or dog. This Calming Dog Bed & Sofa Protector can provide a comfortable sleeping or relaxing environment and relieve their anxiety. Suitable for all types of furniture, especially sofas and beds to avoid scratches and dirt from your pet. Super soft and luxurious cover, so your pet can spend a happy time!


Why are our customers so enthusiastic about the Calming Dog Bed & Sofa Cover?

  • Incredibly comfortable: The soft faux fur is reminiscent of a mother's fur. It helps calm your dog and is like sleeping on a cloud. Stylish: Unlike bed sheets or dated furniture covers.
  • Fully Waterproof: Our Calming Dog Bed & Sofa Protector is equipped with a fully waterproof liner so you can place it on any surface or material, while being stress free knowing you are protected from whale accidents.


  • Stylish: Unlike sheets or dated furniture covers. Our Calming Dog Bed & Sofa Protector has been created with light or dark colors to blend into any area.
  • Unbeatable comfort and joint support: The generously filled outer cushion allows your dog to nestle in to feel secure while providing excellent joint support. Unlike other cheap variants, our outer cushions are robust and do not sag. Our sofa covers create a safe haven for your pet when you are away.
  • Ultra soft and plush: The plush surface is made with long faux fur fabric. It's warm and fluffy. And your pets will have a good night's sleep on the carpet. This soothing combination creates a sense of security and relaxes the nervous system resulting in a puppy that is relaxed, comfortable and sleeps well. And a happy puppy means a happy and stress-free owner.


  • Leak-proof and non-slip: The liner is made of waterproof material, which provides protection against dog urine and water. The non-slip plastic base with studded plastics keeps the carpet in place. Therefore, it is perfect to put the dog covers on the floor, the sofa, the dog crate, the cat cage, the balcony or the car seat.
  • Safe and easy to clean: All materials are safe, non-irritating cotton and chemical-free. Most importantly, our pet bed mat is machine washable. It is durable and will not deform after several cleanings.



  • Material: Cotton + Plush + Nylon
  • Colors: Dark gray / Gray / Pink / Coffee
  • Suitable for:: Ease of use: All types of pets
  • Sizes:
    • Liten: 60x60 cm
    • Medium: 70x70 cm
    • Large: 84x84 cm
    • XLarge: 100x84 cm



  • 1 x Calming Dog Bed & Soffskydd


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