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Superidag Bark Buddy | Auto-Bluff Stopper

Superidag Bark Buddy | Auto-Bluff Stopper

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A safe and stress-free solution to excessive barking that actually works!


Excessive barking and reaction to everything that happens within hearing and sight of your dog is a big problem for many owners and above all very annoying! With BarkBuddy, your dog is automatically trained daily to stop barking.

It is absolutely safe for both you and your dog! Using the latest anti-barking technology, BarkBuddy emits a completely harmless and safe ultrasound that only your dog hears when it barks. As soon as your dog stops barking, it turns off. In this way, your four-legged friend will learn not to bark at everything that happens around him.


Why our BarkBuddy Automatic Bark Stopper?

Humane: Ultrasonic bark control devices are a humane way to control excessive barking without using aggressive methods that can harm or cause stress to dogs.

Non-invasive: Unlike some other methods, such as shock collars, ultrasonic bark control systems do not require physical contact with the dog, which can be uncomfortable and irritating for some dogs.

Effective : The loud sound is designed to interrupt barking behavior and discourage the dog from continuing to bark and also works for multiple dogs at the same time!

Affordable : Barkbuddy bark control devices are generally more affordable than other methods, such as hiring a professional dog trainer or purchasing a shock collar.


Health benefits compared to other methods

- Less stress
- Fewer phobias
- Lower heart rate

Other methods such as shock collars or citronella collars can have negative consequences for the dog's health. Shock collars use an electric shock to discourage barking, which can be painful and cause anxiety in dogs. Citronella collars emit a strong mist of citronella oil that some dogs may find irritating or stressful.

Automatic barking detection : The device automatically detects the tone of your dog's barking and is active as long as your dog barks, and when the barking stops, the device turns off.

Durable and waterproof : IPX4 Waterproof splash-proof with easy installation solutions, place it anywhere in your home or even outdoors.

3 intensity levels : Several intensity levels for all breeds and sizes, low, medium and high frequency depending on the situation. Completely safe for your dog's hearing

Rechargeable : Barkbuddy has USB rechargeable batteries and lasts a super long time!


How does BarkBuddy actually work?

When your barking dog or a neighbor's dog is within 15 meters of the early barking sensor, it picks up the frequency of the barking and emits a loud ultrasonic sound that is heard by the dog.

The dog is startled by the loud sound, which is safe and effective. The dog will then stop barking because he will associate his barking with this unpleasant sound.

The device is only active as long as your dog is barking and then turns off immediately.

Use Barkbuddy in multiple rooms in and around your home for maximum effectiveness! Signals and manure detection become less powerful through walls and doors.

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