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Superidag Sniffle - Interactive Treat Game

Superidag Sniffle - Interactive Treat Game

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This revolutionary new interactive treat game will change the way your four-legged friend plays forever! Sniffle is the ultimate toy that your toddler won't be able to resist. Watch your dog's eyes light up with anticipation as he sniffs out his favorite hidden treats.

The key to your four-legged friend's happiness

Seeing your loved one excitedly sniffing the drugs and pulling for the treats will put a big smile on your face. Not only is Sniffle fun for your dog, but it also stimulates his mind and encourages his natural problem-solving skills and sense of smell.

Playing with Sniffle is a great way to keep your four-legged friend mentally active and reduce the risk of boredom and destructive behavior.

Safe, durable and easy to clean

Sniffle is made from high quality materials that are safe and durable for your furry friend. You can be sure that this toy will survive even the toughest playtimes and give your pup the joy and excitement he craves.

Thanks to the practical design, Sniffle can be washed quickly and easily in the washing machine, making it a breeze to keep it fresh and clean for your little one.


  • Interactive treat game
  • Suitable for small and large dogs (from Yorkie to Labrador to Great Dane)
  • Mental stimulation for dogs
  • Reduces boredom and destructive behavior
  • Easy to clean design (machine washable)
  • Size: approx. 20x20cm
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