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Superidag Smart Sensing Snake Toy

Superidag Smart Sensing Snake Toy

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The most popular toy for cats! This is the best toy to entertain cats for hours! 😻

The smart sensor snake toy has the perfect combination of movement and interactive play needed to give your cat the thrill of the hunt in the safety of your home. Its lifelike slithering motion will encourage your cat to engage with it by providing healthy mental and physical stimulation. 😺

Let your cat express their natural hunting instincts
A bored cat that sleeps all day is an unhealthy cat. It is important to give them stimulating toys they can use even when you are not there. With its glowing red eyes and lifelike movement, it creates the perfect real snake impression, providing even more drive and attraction for your cat to play and attack. The best part is that it requires no interaction from you and your cat can play whenever they want.
Can't catch me!
Its intelligent sensor eyes make it difficult to get caught and keep it constantly moving without boring moments of being stuck.

Charging instructions:

The charging time is 40 minutes. Connect the USB to the charging port, when the red light flashes, it means it is charging.


The package includes:


1 * plastic cobra toy

1 * USB charging cable




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