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Superidag Rain | Dog Raincoat | Dog coat

Superidag Rain | Dog Raincoat | Dog coat

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Do you enjoy long walks with your dog, but are often put off by the wet season or because it gets dark?

When your dog gets wet and dirty, it always starts to smell so awful! You can then also clean your whole house and clean your carpet.

In addition, it is also dangerous at night, because your dog is difficult to see in the dark and an accident is just around the corner. Fortunately, we have the solution! Dog Raincoat is a practical raincoat that protects your dog during rain, fog and in the dark.


Dewel® Rain Dog Raincoat Dog coat





Why Rain | Dogs Raincoat for dogs?

  • Ideal for foggy and rainy weather, from now on your dog will never get dirty again
  • Avoid smelly dogs due to a wet coat
  • Prevent accidents thanks to the reflective stripes
  • With the dog raincoat, you don't have to clean your four-legged friend or your house, which saves time
  • Keeps every dog warm and comfortable
  • Our dog raincoat is necessary for every owner and is practical to use
  • The dog raincoat can be fitted with a protective edge that makes the dog raincoat waterproof
  • Compared to other brands, our dog raincoat lasts much longer
  • Available in several colors. Not only practical, but also beautiful to look at
  • Measurement of neck circumference and/or back length is not necessary
  • Select your dog breed and select your size using the Dogsizolator at the bottom of the page



The dog raincoat keeps your dog dry and clean

Raincoat for dogs is ideal for (long) walks in fog or rain. Thanks to the bright green, light blue, light orange or pink color and reflective stripes, your dog is clearly visible. The jacket is not only safe, but also time-saving! For example, if you have a breed with longer fur, the dog raincoat is ideal. The fur stays dry and your dog doesn't stink after daily walks! How useful is it? 


Dog raincoat is perfect for a puppy, a thin dog, an old dog, a sick or healthy dog or a dog without (under) fur. Our dog raincoat keeps every dog wonderfully warm and dry! Take good care of your dog, order the Dog Raincoat.

What makes the Dog Raincoat special?

This coat is made of durable material that ensures your dog stays dry: today and in the future! Our Dog Raincoat has a lining of fleece material and is clearly visible to others due to the bright green, light blue, light orange or pink exterior. Very useful in dark days! In addition, our Dog Raincoat is not only comfortable and practical, but also trendy, thanks to the cheerful combination of colors.

Dewel® Rain Dog Raincoat Dog coat


Order the right size

To choose the right size, we have developed a very user-friendly tool. Choose your dog breed and choose your size!

Note: Use our Dogsizolator at the bottom of the page.


Dog raincoat


*For puppies, we always recommend the smallest size.

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