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Superidag Petfektor Pet IQ Training Feeder Toy

Superidag Petfektor Pet IQ Training Feeder Toy

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  • [ Fun Feeding Supplies ] This is a multi-functional pet product for cats and dogs, suitable for small dogs and cats of all sizes. By combining pet service with toys, this is not only a service item that curbs food leakage, but also an educational toy that improves pet intelligence. Let your pet learn to play with this toy independently and improve your pet's intelligence and foraging skills by finding food as the feeder dispenses.
  • [Interesting food elastic design] This interactive indoor Pets slow feeder toy is easy to assemble with no need for electricity to work. Pets press on the top to release food as it interacts, making the press design more effective to keep the Pet's attention as it feeds. The feeder has single and double holes, making it easier to dispense food.Pets can easily and randomly drop out a certain amount of pet food or snacks by gently pressing the food leakage channel at the bottom of the toy at the top position. The food or snacks fall on the tower-shaped food elastic slope for pets to eat. This function can slow down the pet’s daily eating speed and protect the pet’s gastrointestinal health.


  • [Transparent Granary Design]This pet slow feeder toy is made of high quality ABS material, durable and safe for pets, no sharp parts and angles, the overall design of the product is exquisite and beautiful, is an indoor interactive toy that pets can not refuse. Translucent visual granary, you can know the storage status of snacks or pet food in the granary at any time. Open the top and press the food button to add food or snacks directly. It is simple and easy to operate, saving time and effort.


  • [Anti-fall and anti-slip design] There are 4 anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom. Additionally, each product comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed. The suction cup can be fixed in the corresponding slot at the bottom, and then the product can be adsorbed on the ground, so that it will not be knocked over by pets in daily use.
  • Using Cat Food Dispenser Function - Easy and convenient to use, open the lid, put food in, close the container, then turn it over to your cat, encouraging cat and show it how to use the toy. Once it has learned to use the automatic feeder, you are ready.
  • The Perfect Cat Feeder - A simple way to satisfy your cat's mental and physical needs with just one toy, so it won't get bored when you're not around. It can jump, grab toys, play and pounce, be captivated by its erratic movements and give your cat a fun interactive playtime
Length: 140mm Width: 140mm Height: 176mm
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