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Superidag Perfektor™ Dog Towel - Absorbent dog bathrobe

Superidag Perfektor™ Dog Towel - Absorbent dog bathrobe

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Dog towel - The super absorbent dog bathrobe
If you're worried that your cute four-legged friend will catch a cold after a bath/shower or walk on the coming cold and rainy winter days and won't get his coat dry in time, you're not alone.

We are aware of this issue. You've probably searched for many solutions and haven't come across one yet. And guess what, all your furry friend needs is this dog bathrobe!

Thanks to the dog towel, your dog's fur will be dry in no time thanks to its ideal and fast absorption. It not only protects against colds, but also provides soothing and pleasant warmth.


A dog bathrobe that dogs love!
From now on, you no longer have to worry about your dog, how wet it is, how cold it is, or how he or she is feeling.

All you need is DogCuddlie because he
  • dries effectively and has great absorbency
  • can be used everywhere
  • has a practical velcro design
  • has an adjustable collar
  • leaves no residue after washing
Moreover, the application is very simple. Place your furry friend's head through the DogCuddlie and then adjust it nicely. Then take the velcro and fasten it. To connect, roll up the hood and you're done!
Saves money, time and nerves
  • We stand behind the quality of our product and say: Once purchased, this dog bathrobe will work for your four-legged friend for a long time.
  • DogCuddlie also sits softly on your furry friend's body, and the fur-friendly polyester material will not cause problems.
  • It doesn't matter if it's a German shepherd, pug, dachshund or co. is - this dog bathrobe will quickly become your four-legged friend's favorite!
  • Not only will you save money in the long run, but your precious time and nerves will no longer be burdened!

Why DogCuddlie dog bathrobe?

Because she:
  • suitable for all dog breeds!
  • is dermatologically tested (without animal testing!)
  • protects your four-legged friend for longer!
  • protects against colds!
 Our tip: We recommend ordering a size larger.
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