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Superidag 50% DISCOUNT | FetchFrenzy™ | Indestructible 2-in-1 dog ball frisbee with rope

Superidag 50% DISCOUNT | FetchFrenzy™ | Indestructible 2-in-1 dog ball frisbee with rope

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Keep your furry friend entertained and happy for hours!

Do you want to make sure. that your furry friend has endless fun and no dull moments? Then you need the FetchFrenzy™ Rope-Fly Frisbee! This toy is absolutely indestructible. so you don't have to worry about constantly replacing it. It will keep your puppy entertained for hours and has a special function. who do. that it returns to its ball shape. when it has been thrown. It's not just great for interactive play. but the sturdy rope can also be used for tug-of-war and chewing time. And if you have a water-loving dog. you will be glad to know. that this toy is also water-friendly!

✔ Provides Instant Endless Fun - Take playtime to the next level with the built-in flashing light. It is activated by motion and adds an extra element of fun and excitement to your pet's playtime. Your pet will love chasing the flashing light. and you will love to see them having fun.

✔ Play indoors and outdoors - Whether you are indoors or outdoors. FetchFrenzy™ is the perfect toy for any occasion. Use it as a frisbee for long games of catch or as a ball for interactive play. Its versatile design ensures that your pet will never be bored.

✔ Non-slip and lightweight - The concave-convex texture of the ball not only looks cool. but also provides a non-slip grip. which makes it easy for your pet to carry and play with. And since it is light. you can take it with you on the go. whether it's in the park or on the beach. 

✔ Durable and safe pet toy  - FetchFrenzy™ is made of sturdy. non-toxic materials and can handle even the toughest chewers. Your pet can easily grab. throw and carry this toy without worrying about. that it breaks. Besides, you can be calm. because you know. that it is safe for your furry friend.



  • Material: Premium plastic. Cotton. nylon
  • Frisbee extended size: 14.55 x 14.55 cm
  • Ball folded size: 14.14cm



Over  1170 satisfied customers  are enjoying the benefits of FetchFrenzy™!

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