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Superidag Double Dog Harness - Multi-Functional Dog Harness

Superidag Double Dog Harness - Multi-Functional Dog Harness

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The easiest way to walk two dogs at the same time!

Do you have two dogs? Then you know that it is not always easy to shut both out at the same time.
When you want to go for a walk with two dogs, it is a difficult job not to let the dogs get entangled. Fortunately, that cannot happen with the Duo dog leash!

How does it work?

Walk easily with both dogs from one hand!

Walking becomes so much easier

Imagine walking both of your dogs with one retractable leash with two leash-free leashes. You have free hands to open doors, hold an umbrella or carry your bag.

In addition, you can make both dogs stop separately. Both the leash and the stop buttons are marked with colors, so you always know exactly which dog you are controlling.

360 degree rotating dog leash

Two dogs, no problem with this no-tangle retractable leash, you can walk two dogs at the same time without losing control of one.

The built-in mechanism makes it impossible for the cords to get tangled, so you can enjoy your walk without having to stop to untie the cords.

Why is this Duo dog leash so popular?
✔️ Both lines are 3 meters long

✔️ 360° rotatable

✔️ Built-in brake buttons

✔️ Reflective lines

✔️ Built-in flashlight

✔️ Waste bag holder

✔️ Up to approximately 25 kg per line

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Please note: This Duo dog leash is only available online

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