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Superidag Anti Bark Collar

Superidag Anti Bark Collar

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This collar is designed to stop your dog from barking!

Your dog will finally stop barking and you and your neighbors can enjoy some quiet time. The Anti-BarkCollar ensures that no bark goes undetected by vibrating gently and without shock until your dog stops. Simply attach this device to your dog's neck and in just 5 minutes you will see results as your pet begins to calm down.


The best solution to the dog barking problem!

With the high-quality anti-barking collar for small, medium or large dogs, barking is reduced or eliminated in 95% of cases. The Anti-BarkCollar has an automatic performance of 7 safe levels of tones (beeps) and vibrations.


It doesn't hurt or scare your dog!

If you notice the movement of your dog's vocal cords, a warning tone will sound, followed by vibrations if the barking continues. Your dog will quickly and easily associate these sounds with his bark, making it the ideal humane correction.


It has an adjustable anti-barking strap!

Made from high quality fabric straps with reflective strips, this Anti-Bark Collar is conveniently adjustable, fits all dogs and is 100% waterproof. Small and comfortable, easy for your dog to carry.


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